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I’m currently rationing these Lindt truffles. They are sooooooooo good and dangerous! I love Lindt chocolate. I don’t know why people go bananas over Godiva. I guess they’ve never tasted Lindt or maybe Godiva is so over commercialized that they think it’s the Mercedes of chocolate without even having tasted it.

At any rate I had an enjoyable day watching movies and preparing a quaint dinner for my sweetie. I’m trying to maintain my figure so as I said I’m rationing the white chocolate truffles. But you know who is baking a cake. I hope your day is just as enjoyable as mine was/is. Just remember the other 364 days of the year. Keep it all love folks.



What you can learn from this video:

  • Sometimes men (and women) lie
  • If you have suspicions about something, most often they’re true
  • The other woman wants to be seen “and” heard
  • The other woman will not sit by and say nothing while you call her names

Things that are self-explanatory: What a milkaholic is.


I’m thinking about renewing my vows. We are, I should say. I am seriously considering it because I love my husband and I want more people to be able to participate in the joy of our union. He wants the same thing. There are family and friends who didn’t get a chance to be there in 2008 when we tied the knot. The first time it was quick and to the point in our Pastor’s office, but this time, you know I’m already contemplating fashion and shoes, menu and all those things that make the day pretty. I also think that renewing your vows tells your spouse you’re willing to marry them all over again. Stay tuned. More wedding talk is coming. This is going to be fun.


I know, I know. It’s because of Princess Dominique Dishes Fashion that I’ve been slacking on the personal blog. If you love or even like fashion a little bit you’ll want to subscribe to it. I also wanted to share the sandals above. I snagged them in that cute purple leather and can’t wait to rock them with something silky and feminine this spring. I’d like to give myself two thumbs up for being thrifty. These are $100+ sandals that I snagged for $40 a pop! I love all of the colors, but I’m most smitten with the purple! You still have time to snag a pair here. Hopefully that makes up for my absence.


I’ve wanted to ask this questions for a long time. Does love rev up your fashion sense? I seriously want to know. I’m not talking about the 25% of the population who are flawless with Mac lashes and lip gloss engaged even if they’re just going to the slot to return a movie rental or grab a loaf of bread from the corner deli. I’m asking the 75% of us who love our jeans and tee days and even if we’re going shopping we don’t normally always look our ABSOLUTE cotillion best.


[kuhtil-yuhn, koh-] a formal ball given esp. for debutantes.

When you’re in love or are dating someone you are really truly crushing on does it rev up your wardrobe and make you want to get dolled up even on the days that you know you won’t see him? If so, what changes about your wardrobe, the color, the variety or nothing? As for me I can say yes, yes and oh definitely yes love changes things for me. The heels in my wardrobe do get higher, sexier and eventually I find a dress to match. My reward? How much my husband appreciates me in them.


I had a wonderful time this weekend with friends. We attended a showing of Fireproof at a friend’s house that was also a celebration for another friend’s birthday. Now I’ve always been the kind of person who had to feel others out before I can fully engage them, however, when God is in the mix He’s got everything under control and I had such an adorable time. You’ve read my thoughts on Fireproof in another post. However, what I found is that just like the Word, whenever you read it you uncover something new, something you’ve never seen before–same with the movie. Watching it allowed me to see that you have to be pro-active about love. You have to love on purpose. You have to make a conscious effort to love. We can’t just let the theory of love exist between 2 people. I believe that people need to take time out and spend quality time with their spouse and do things that knit them closer together because there are plenty of people who just exist in the same apartment/house but they stop sharing and feeling that closeness because they don’t make time for it. Loving my husband should be more important than my job, what’s on tv or what shoes are on sale. Oftentimes we give other things more “importance” than we give our spouse and then we wonder where the love went. The Love Dare is a powerful tool that was used in the movie Fireproof.


So, next on my list of things to keep my marriage solid, thriving and bearing fruit? Yes, you guessed it The Love Dare. Click to check it out and read Day 1 of the dare online and/or order your copy.


You can always tell when two people belong together and when they do there is nothing that anybody else can do about it. You can try to steal a weekend with him before they tie the knot. You can call him up at 4am begging him to come over as if one last roll in the hay with you is going to be so electric that it will make him forget that he’s madly in love with the woman that he’s promised with a ring to marry. When he belongs to her in the spirit, he’s hers already. There’s nothing you can do about it, and vice versa no man can nose in on another man’s territory. It’s amazing that some women and men can’t just sit back and be happy for someone else. They always want to steal the shine and then wonder why happiness never finds them.

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