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I’m not regressing, I just love Hello Kitty. I must sound like a broken record but I’ve never had a tea set or a tea party and this will give me the opportunity to satisfy both. $26 is definitely not a lot to ask. Why do I feel like I’m going to have to create a Hello Kitty room in our house?

Hello Kitty invites you to a special tea party with this beautiful mini porcelain tea set. Your youngster will enjoy many hours of valuable imaginary play with this set featuring Hello Kitty and her friends as magical fairies. Set includes one each of a teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, 4 teacups and 4 saucers. Pretty carry box with handle. Recommended for Ages 8 years and up.

Check out the official Sanrio website here.



Ooooo, I was being bad. I saw this and thought, it’ s a tote bag, but then I had to admit that it was the Hello Kitty on it and Mount Fuji in the background that was drawing me. I’ve been hard pressed for a handbag but refuse to buy just any kind of bag just to have something to throw my things into, so, I figured a nice affordable canvas bag that wasn’t harming the environment would do. $58. You can’t bet that. Go Hello Kitty. It’s your birthday! Get it here.


Somebody stop me. I know I’m doing myself more harm than good by digging up all of this cute Hello Kitty stuff that I actually want and am secretly planning on getting one piece at a time. Now of course as you see all of it doesn’t have to be pink and cute and bubble gum colored. These grey gloves are a rich butter soft calfskin. Can you imagine how much softer they will become with age? Only $135 at Victoria Couture.


This is on my birthday wishlist for certain. I’ve been drooling every single time I look at it. Designed by Kimora Lee Simmons for Hello Kitty. The pendant is .50 of pave diamonds and was created for their Glam Kitty collection which features pieces with traditional white and black diamonds. 18 karat white gold with a pink sapphire bow, I personally think it’s gorgeous. Remember, diamonds are an investment and Hello Kitty is your friend.


I haven’t been bowling in ages but the only thing that would top a Hello Kitty bowling ball (that I MUST HAVE by the way) is a pair of Hello Kitty bowling shoes. If you see any kindly let me know. I don’t think that would be too much. It’s not like I’m turning into one of those psycho Hello Kitty people is it? Just an occasional Hello Kitty product here and an occasional product here, that’s all. *grin* Here’s the buy link and you can buy the tote here and a pink Hello Kitty towel to wipe stuff off! Yes. I heart Hello Kitty.

I’m a Mac girl now, no longer use a PC and currently use a laptop not a desktop but this cute little mousepad makes me wish I had a desktop and needed a mousepad because for $14 and FREE SHIPPING this would be it. But trust me, any Hello Kitty lovers on my list are getting this for Christmas! It is currently in stock now, but sells out quickly. GET ONE HERE or bookmark it if it sells out before you can get one.

Everybody knows how much I love Hello Kitty. I’m in the process of recruiting volunteers for the cupcake committee. My birthday is December 22. The bash is scheduled for December 13. Enough said. Aren’t they cute? I am a Hello Kitty fiend!!!!!! I want my birthday to be very very very special, just special. There has to be a pattern so that you can get every single one perfect, no?

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