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Hello Pretty Hands

Posted on: November 27, 2008


Somebody stop me. I know I’m doing myself more harm than good by digging up all of this cute Hello Kitty stuff that I actually want and am secretly planning on getting one piece at a time. Now of course as you see all of it doesn’t have to be pink and cute and bubble gum colored. These grey gloves are a rich butter soft calfskin. Can you imagine how much softer they will become with age? Only $135 at Victoria Couture.


4 Responses to "Hello Pretty Hands"

These gloves are like grown and sexy Hello Kitty. Definitely a nice departure from all things pink.
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I can’t stop you because I’m eying those gloves myself…lol

“Somebody stop me.”
Girl, ain’t nobody foolish enough to come between you and your Hello Kitty fascination. LOL

Shelia….YOU are NOT helping!!

Girl I want those soooooooo bad. They are cute! In my head I’m wondering how many books I have to sell to get them.

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