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I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday wondering and being completely boggled at how poor customer service and “have a blessed day” go together. But the events that took place forced my hand and made something happen that should have happened a long time ago–me get up off my duff and get a new web host for all of my sites. It’s my fault. I was dragging my feet, being comfortable, all the while knowing that I’m a stickler for exemplory customer service that doesn’t include dry one line emails and and an 800 number that may lead somewhere, but just hasn’t ever proved to me that it did in over 3 years. I don’t think people get that $1 or $500,000 just because I’m cool with you, I’m still a customer and I have the right to ask questions, as many as I want, when I want until I am clear and fully understand a situation, especially when it’s not my area of expertise irregardless of you having a bad day or not wanting to be bothered because it’s almost Christmas. I mean I’m not new to the old adage out with the old in with the new though. After all I’m the one who wrote 10 Tips to Turning Over a New Relationship Leaf in 2009. Tip number one, ironically enough is: Get rid of anything or anyone that isn’t adding to your spiritual, emotion or physical well being. Done. So, I said all of that to say that although I get slightly irritated by all of those Facebook applications (mainly because I’m not there for that just to be a little social) Stacy has no idea how cute it was to receive a Hello Kitty yesterday that I now display proudly on my Facebook page. You made my day chica! That’s what a blessing is supposed to be.



This is what started the whole Hello Kitty blog idea. I’ve been craving sushi lately. I don’t know what it is. My husband took me to this Brazilian restaurant a few weeks ago (more like almost a month ago) when he was upgrading my wedding band and I had sushi there and loved it. It wasn’t the uncooked fish kind, so I don’t know if “technically” it is even sushi per se but I love the sticky rice. It was with cooked shrimp and cooked crab and I loved that. And then I was also watching Chef Jeff and he was teaching them how to make sushi too and I’m thinking. Yeah. I’m going to make me some too. They got really creative too. And then when I signed up for ThisNext I discovered a Hello Kitty sushi set and I put it in my Birthday Girl’s Goodie Bag which is my Birthday Wish List that I will link and send with my eVite for my party on December 20th so that my friends don’t have to go crazy over what to get me. That was before I canceled the festivities at the Cheesecake Factory. Being born so close to Christmas isn’t the coolest move. I should have hid out in the womb for at least another month. Isn’t the Hello Kitty shaped sushi cute though, seriously. I lead a drama-free life so I get excited about Hello Kitty shaped sushi sue me. This got me thinking, I should just put all of my Hello Kitty blog posts in one single place. Voila!


I asked my husband the other day if I found Hello Kitty sheets if it would be all right to put them on the bed. Not that I need permission, but that’s just the kind of relationship that we have. We don’t go off all willy nilly doing our own thing and forget about the needs of the other. He said no. I knew he’d say that because men don’t normally think it’s cute to snuggle up on pink, wide-eyed, wiskered Hello Kitty sheets. That’s not their thing. Silk, yes. Flannel, oh yes! Regular sheets, yes, yes, yes. It’s too girlie–the Hello Kitty that is. I understand that, so, I tried to compromise with my sweetie. I told him that if he wanted to get a set of Transformer sheets or Spiderman sheets that I’d totally understand and be completely all right with that and I really really would. I waited for his response. *crickets* It didn’t work. He has no desire to sleep on Transformer or Spiderman sheets either. None at all. So that whole give him what he wants so I can get what I want–negative. It’s a no go. Not going to happen. Oh, well. I only found the sheets in twin and full size anyway. Our bed is King size. *sigh* If I can find it in King size maybe I can take a nap on them when he’s a work, have a quick dream and change them before he gets home. I don’t know. They’re so cute though.


My girlfriend J laughed at me. She said, “Girl, ain’t nobody foolish enough to come between you and your Hello Kitty fascination.” This is making me swoon. The wallet I’m using I’ve had for the past 4 plus years. I want this wallet. I need a nice durable leather wallet (item# 54749) and you know they sold me on the Japan Exclusive part. This proves that Hello Kitty doesn’t always have to be pink for me. $32 folks. The website says:

Beautifully crafted, this Hello Kitty leather wallet will help you organize your essentials. Embellished with diecut Hello Kitty face in tan suede. Bronze metal studs form signature bow. Multiple interior pockets with top zip change compartment. Snap closure. Beautifully gift boxed.

Click here for more info.

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