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Don’t Sleep On Hello Kitty

Posted on: December 15, 2008


I asked my husband the other day if I found Hello Kitty sheets if it would be all right to put them on the bed. Not that I need permission, but that’s just the kind of relationship that we have. We don’t go off all willy nilly doing our own thing and forget about the needs of the other. He said no. I knew he’d say that because men don’t normally think it’s cute to snuggle up on pink, wide-eyed, wiskered Hello Kitty sheets. That’s not their thing. Silk, yes. Flannel, oh yes! Regular sheets, yes, yes, yes. It’s too girlie–the Hello Kitty that is. I understand that, so, I tried to compromise with my sweetie. I told him that if he wanted to get a set of Transformer sheets or Spiderman sheets that I’d totally understand and be completely all right with that and I really really would. I waited for his response. *crickets* It didn’t work. He has no desire to sleep on Transformer or Spiderman sheets either. None at all. So that whole give him what he wants so I can get what I want–negative. It’s a no go. Not going to happen. Oh, well. I only found the sheets in twin and full size anyway. Our bed is King size. *sigh* If I can find it in King size maybe I can take a nap on them when he’s a work, have a quick dream and change them before he gets home. I don’t know. They’re so cute though.


8 Responses to "Don’t Sleep On Hello Kitty"

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Dom, my daughter said I better not sleep on HK sheets. I am single and I can sleep on what I want. But I have to say as much as I love HK, I would feel REAL funny sleeping on the sheets. If only could get the diamond and ruby HK necklace. LOL.

Shai stop playing. I want the necklace. If I could only win it in a contest and didn’t have to pay that outrageous price I’d be near Heaven if not actually in it.

What? I am looking for them immediately lol

Stacy let me know if you find them in King size. The guest bedroom when we get one will have a Hello Kitty set.

I’m convinced that to satisfy both of our fantasies it will have to our theme room since neither one of us will actually sleep in it.

Bwaaaaahhhhhaaaaa! No you did not try to get Mr. Hubby to sleep on HK sheets. I might just have to speed up this intervention. And then to bribe him with Transformer or Spiderman sheets? If that isn’t a scene straight out of a reality show, I don’t know what is. LOL

Now about the sheets in the guestroom….um…I’m not sure I wanna sleep on HK sheets either.

Yes Jay I tried. He wasn’t buying it. Sadly I didn’t even weep. But I’ve got a plan.

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