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Hello Kitty in Love Saves the Day

Posted on: December 24, 2008


I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday wondering and being completely boggled at how poor customer service and “have a blessed day” go together. But the events that took place forced my hand and made something happen that should have happened a long time ago–me get up off my duff and get a new web host for all of my sites. It’s my fault. I was dragging my feet, being comfortable, all the while knowing that I’m a stickler for exemplory customer service that doesn’t include dry one line emails and and an 800 number that may lead somewhere, but just hasn’t ever proved to me that it did in over 3 years. I don’t think people get that $1 or $500,000 just because I’m cool with you, I’m still a customer and I have the right to ask questions, as many as I want, when I want until I am clear and fully understand a situation, especially when it’s not my area of expertise irregardless of you having a bad day or not wanting to be bothered because it’s almost Christmas. I mean I’m not new to the old adage out with the old in with the new though. After all I’m the one who wrote 10 Tips to Turning Over a New Relationship Leaf in 2009. Tip number one, ironically enough is: Get rid of anything or anyone that isn’t adding to your spiritual, emotion or physical well being. Done. So, I said all of that to say that although I get slightly irritated by all of those Facebook applications (mainly because I’m not there for that just to be a little social) Stacy has no idea how cute it was to receive a Hello Kitty yesterday that I now display proudly on my Facebook page. You made my day chica! That’s what a blessing is supposed to be.


2 Responses to "Hello Kitty in Love Saves the Day"

Sometimes it takes the silliest things (or the most painful) to get us to do what we’ve known all along that we needed to do. I’m a stickler for customer service too — I have no problem paying for good service but “poor customer service” + “paying for it” = a situation guaranteed to make my teeth itch. And that ain’t good!

You’re right. I can’t even be upset. Just moving on.

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