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No Intervention Needed

Posted on: January 8, 2009


Don’t get the wrong impression. I’m not a crazed lunatic who has a house full of Hello Kitty. My girlfriend keeps talking about staging an intervention. I say, if you’re coming to stage anything bring cupcakes. Seriously, I believe I’m having more fun entertaining the thought than anything else. But realistically I don’t even own much Hello Kitty. The only thing I believe I have is a Hello Kitty Pez set and a few plastic Hello Kitty drinking cups that I got at a party store for next to nothing when I first moved and didn’t have anything to drink out of in the house. Do you have anything Hello Kitty? If not, what would you be willing to introduce to your sterile Hello Kitty free house?


6 Responses to "No Intervention Needed"

Girl, I am NOT above transporting cupcakes across state lines. LOL I don’t own any HK items but um…if I did….I’d opt for a comfy camisole and other “accoutrements”. LOL

Hee-hee! That’s next on the list for me! He’ll never say “no” to that!

I’ve got a cute Hello Kitty metal lunch pail my friend gave me for my birthday…SO cute!! I’ve got some stickers that I re up everytime I go to the party store and I have a Hello Kitty background on my cell phone…LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oooo how did you get the cell phone background. I want it!

Of course I have HK in the house. Dollface reigns over here LOL!! Stickers, hair stuff, little plastic purses, sweatshirts and coloring books. I really didn’t even think about it until now!

So cool Bunny. I think that Hello Kitty is the best thing that’s happened to little girl and big ones too!

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