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I’ve Fallen for a Stud

Posted on: January 23, 2009


I’ve never been a stud or even a rhinestone kind of person. To me it screams 1980’s tacky. No offense to those who love to Bedazzle and still rock sweaters with gold and plastic glass looking beads accented with fringe. It’s just not my thing, but when I saw these boots…oh my, Jesus crack the sky. I’d like to think that I’m a functional person, so, I don’t just go out and buy something just to say I have it. I need a pair of black boots and I need a pair of brown boots. They are basic colors and before I ever buy pink, yellow or green shoes I always make sure I’m locked down with the basic palete colors. Size 8 is in stock. After I have secured them I’ll let you know the stats. I can’t even type I want these so bad. I’m just thankful that I’m not to the point where I need deliverance yet.


4 Responses to "I’ve Fallen for a Stud"

Deliverance over a boot??? LOL!!!!!

Girl you have no idea how much I love shoes. I would almost spend the rent!

I love boots but now that I am a little older, I can’t handle over 3 inches. I prefer 2 1/2 inches. Those are cute.

For me it depends on how the shoe and the heel is made. I’ve done up to 5 inches with no problem.

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