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A Not So Newfound Epiphany

Posted on: January 30, 2009


I’ve learned that people don’t even need a reason to not like you. They don’t. They can look at the way you smile, the way your legs look in a pair of heels, the rhythm you use when you tap your pen against your temple when you’re thinking, the way others respond to you, or the way that you blow your coffee before you take the first sip and instantly think, “oh, she thinks she’s cute”. I think I’m what? Cute? For blowing my coffee? People like that aren’t a trip they’re a vacation and if they leave and never come back that will be too soon for me. When I was younger I used to worry about whatever it was that I supposedly did to “said people” to make them not like me. I would examine myself and try to discover if I was unconsciously acting a certain way, or pursing my lips in an “I’m better than you,” fashion, but the fact is that people who are negative and are dead set on finding something wrong with you, will. That’s their life purpose; to pick at other people because they’re too empty to find enjoyment in themselves or their purposeless lives.

I’ve also observed or been in the midst of women whispering, “unh, here she comes,” and then coo a sweet ‘good morning’ when she passes as if they weren’t digging their nails in her back seconds before. People like this I realize, also love to see you grovel and plead with them to tell them what it is you’ve supposedly done to make them hate you so much. They get off on it, which is why their purpose is to make you think that there’s something wrong with “you” so that they can continuously get off on “you” trying to rectify the situation day after day after day, month after month and year after year. And trust, when I learned that that was their motive, I simply stopped caring about people who sip on hate’s teats.

You will not get your thrills off of me and watch me dance to some imaginary tune you’re playing just to be friends with you, sweetie. My purpose is far beyond that. You want entertainment? Rock of Love Bus, Sober House, Tool Academy, True Beauty and America’s Next Top Model, heck pick one, ’cause I aint it. I’m not talking about friends here, mind you. We all have our ups and downs with those, but rather I’m talking about people who don’t know a thing about you, who probably deep down on the inside would like nothing more than to get to know you better, learn from you, but instead let their shortcomings and insecurities get in the way of them not only never having that chance, but they let their issues get in the way and blind them so completely that they end up living yet never actually having a life of their own either. To that I say, too bad, so sad, goodbye. I would normally file this thought under women; not that men don’t come with their issues too, but definitely not as much as the female persuasion that’s for sure–but I don’t have a “women” category so “life musings” will have to do.


3 Responses to "A Not So Newfound Epiphany"

Too much hater-ation. Some folks just cant help themselves for neing negative about others or wanting to find flaws if you are trying to do something positive for yourself.

chalk it up to the way of the world. and brush that dirt off your shoulder

Done 🙂

Girl people are not happy with other’s success. If moma ain’t happy nor will you be. That’s people today. They are just not taught to support their fellow men.

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