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Fireproof the Movie

Posted on: February 7, 2009


I wrote The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate in 2003 and revised it in 2007. When I started the online forum ThePluralThing.com there weren’t many sites that I had come across that were assisting people with marriage and boosting marriages with information on how to do things from a spiritual perspective. Now of course there are tons of sites, although not all “spiritual” in nature, but it got me to thinking God must really want marriages to last. He’s giving us all of these tools, ministries, radio shows and newsletters and if we don’t get it right then we just don’t want to put in the effort and do it and if that’s the case we should have stayed single.

With that said, I heard about this movie and have a few friends who have seen it. From what I heard it was *POWERFUL* and if it’s going to help marriages then I was all for it. So, I ordered it along with a copy of a book my husband really wanted The Exemplary Husband and I was pretty much stalking the mailman until it finally came yesterday. He’s lucky I didn’t see him leave it *lol* Seriously it was 4 days overdue and I didn’t want a refund, I wanted my DVD!

If you haven’t seen the FIREPROOF my comments may SPOIL IT FOR YOU. Come back and read this after you’ve seen it, if you plan on seeing it. Here are my thoughts.

I loved this movie and I thank God for a company that could write such a compelling story. I adored every character, every situation including the gentle way that Caleb was led to Christ. Even the arguments were realistic in that couples who have had disagreements can see themselves in these two. The thing that was so powerful to me is the point at which people “say” they want to throw in the towel before even searching themselves to see if a part of them still wants the marriage–and then praying to be strong enough to work towards salvaging it. Even in working towards it some people like the main character do it half-heartedly until they see the person they want slipping through their fingers. The movie definitely taught me that sometimes you have to give love without expecting to immediately get something back. It was a powerful revelation of how God loves us.

There were some lessons that were evident to me from the onset ie. Dr. Gavin trying to worm his way into Catherine’s life knowing that he himself was married and Caleb expecting Catherine to do everything around the house because she was the “woman”. Equally foolish was the Catherine who never even thought to ask the doctor if he was married, but just reveled in the attention that he was giving her. I believe the hurt in marriage is what people who are contemplating leaving are trying to avoid, but if you have two honest people who will come together and vow to stick it out and do better it can make all the difference in the world.

If your relationship isn’t worth 20 bucks then I’m a loss for what else to say. If you’re not in a relationship, buy it anyway. I mean edification is the key.

Buy Fireproof the movie on DVD!


4 Responses to "Fireproof the Movie"

I actually had a chance to see the movie when it was released in the theaters and thought the story was really good. I urged my single and married friends to go see it as well.

Once I got past the bad acting…….I began to grasp the message and was glad I did. Marriage is indeed hard work, something not to be taken lightly. And this movie did a good job of potraying the little things that are overlooked. Not too mention it drove home the idea of things you did when dating should continue after marriage.

Yes the message was a powerful one and you never want to overlook your partner. I learned and continue to learn from the movie. I hope more people jump on the bandwagon.

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Powerful movie!!! I heard that the actors are all pastors, church members, etc. I also heard that Caleb’s coworker (I forgot his name) is an active duty soldier and was unable to be there for part of the taping because he had to return to Iraq. Many of them are acting for the first time, so we’ll give credit where it’s due.

The message was clear, and that matters more than anything!

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