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She Didn’t Steal Your Man, He Was Already Hers In The Spirit

Posted on: March 14, 2009


You can always tell when two people belong together and when they do there is nothing that anybody else can do about it. You can try to steal a weekend with him before they tie the knot. You can call him up at 4am begging him to come over as if one last roll in the hay with you is going to be so electric that it will make him forget that he’s madly in love with the woman that he’s promised with a ring to marry. When he belongs to her in the spirit, he’s hers already. There’s nothing you can do about it, and vice versa no man can nose in on another man’s territory. It’s amazing that some women and men can’t just sit back and be happy for someone else. They always want to steal the shine and then wonder why happiness never finds them.


2 Responses to "She Didn’t Steal Your Man, He Was Already Hers In The Spirit"

Just letting you know I posted it on Facebook…..

Thanks Shelly. I appreciate it.

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