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Love On Purpose

Posted on: March 23, 2009


I had a wonderful time this weekend with friends. We attended a showing of Fireproof at a friend’s house that was also a celebration for another friend’s birthday. Now I’ve always been the kind of person who had to feel others out before I can fully engage them, however, when God is in the mix He’s got everything under control and I had such an adorable time. You’ve read my thoughts on Fireproof in another post. However, what I found is that just like the Word, whenever you read it you uncover something new, something you’ve never seen before–same with the movie. Watching it allowed me to see that you have to be pro-active about love. You have to love on purpose. You have to make a conscious effort to love. We can’t just let the theory of love exist between 2 people. I believe that people need to take time out and spend quality time with their spouse and do things that knit them closer together because there are plenty of people who just exist in the same apartment/house but they stop sharing and feeling that closeness because they don’t make time for it. Loving my husband should be more important than my job, what’s on tv or what shoes are on sale. Oftentimes we give other things more “importance” than we give our spouse and then we wonder where the love went. The Love Dare is a powerful tool that was used in the movie Fireproof.


So, next on my list of things to keep my marriage solid, thriving and bearing fruit? Yes, you guessed it The Love Dare. Click to check it out and read Day 1 of the dare online and/or order your copy.


4 Responses to "Love On Purpose"

Great post and I am so glad you referenced the Love Dare. I went and read Day 1 and it is just incredible. I am determined to learn how to truly love someone the way God intended and this looks like another awesome tool.

I feel like I’m on a treasure hunt and I just keep getting more information on how to love better. I’m going to have to get a his/her copies because you have to journal after each day. That should be fun.

Hey! That’s us!!!! (LOL) It was a very eye-opening movie for me, the type where you say “I wish I’d known about this 20 years ago”.

The Love Dare is really a wonderful concept as it pushes us to love unconditionally. Reciprocated love is then seen as the added bonus in such a relationship!

I started reading it on line, the first dare but I definitely want to order the book…well, 2 actually.

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