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On Love and Fashion

Posted on: March 24, 2009


I’ve wanted to ask this questions for a long time. Does love rev up your fashion sense? I seriously want to know. I’m not talking about the 25% of the population who are flawless with Mac lashes and lip gloss engaged even if they’re just going to the slot to return a movie rental or grab a loaf of bread from the corner deli. I’m asking the 75% of us who love our jeans and tee days and even if we’re going shopping we don’t normally always look our ABSOLUTE cotillion best.


[kuhtil-yuhn, koh-] a formal ball given esp. for debutantes.

When you’re in love or are dating someone you are really truly crushing on does it rev up your wardrobe and make you want to get dolled up even on the days that you know you won’t see him? If so, what changes about your wardrobe, the color, the variety or nothing? As for me I can say yes, yes and oh definitely yes love changes things for me. The heels in my wardrobe do get higher, sexier and eventually I find a dress to match. My reward? How much my husband appreciates me in them.


1 Response to "On Love and Fashion"

I dont know if i should be answering this since i am apart of the 25% that doesnt know how to have a jeans and tee day but i will b/c i like the topic 😀 soooo for me when i am dating it does kinda make me even mooore conscience and it makes me choose things that i know the person likes to a certain extent. the other side of it for me is the more i begin to like i person i begin to let them see me more and more like the other 75% of people who rock the jeans and tees. i get more and more natural around them i guess because i want them to see more of me not the stuff i use to enhance what i got LOL…i dont want them falling in love with the chick whos always dressed up b/c we do have our days when things just dont come together right…or we dont feel like putting them together…and when i have my day…i REALLY HAVE MY DAY LOL

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