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Linda “Princess Dominique” Grosvenor is a word intercessor and the author of The Plural Thing: Spiritually Preparing for Your Soul Mate. She loves the wind in her hair and gives people enough rope to believe whatever they want. She is armed with her 4 inch heels, a baby tee and well-worn blue jeans or a flirty skirt (depending on her mood). She’s rules her empire from the beaches of South Jersey and is eager to share her faith and dish her POV on love and pop culture.

I'm Linda "Princess Dominique" Grosvenor and I'm is a published author and have been writing online for over 15 years. I'm a former student of the Fashion Institute of Technology. I've been called a savvy cocktail of fashion and relationship advice and I've written for and contributed to articles for publications such as Honey, Modern Bride and MORE Magazine. This website will have more of a relationship slant and will be updated rather infrequently. With that said, enjoy!

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