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I normally write poems and haikus and other creative variations of writing from a “love” perspective. Here I’ve toyed with love and other subjects too using Haiku. They are all untitled. I don’t have to say that they’re copyrighted do I?

september winds taunt
inciting summer wallflowers
maple leaves dance

heaven muffles the cynics
mocking my grace laced shoes
mercy still waters dreams

tangy tangelos and apricots
hot grass between bare feet
tastes like wedded bliss

barrage of sugary kisses
from greedy birthday cake eater
famished lips crave repeat

hopscotch and pigtails
giggling balloons take flight
dirty men patrol schoolyards

voiceless minorities shiver
wrapped in newsprint untruths
blindfolded justice was peeking


I'm Linda "Princess Dominique" Grosvenor and I'm is a published author and have been writing online for over 15 years. I'm a former student of the Fashion Institute of Technology. I've been called a savvy cocktail of fashion and relationship advice and I've written for and contributed to articles for publications such as Honey, Modern Bride and MORE Magazine. This website will have more of a relationship slant and will be updated rather infrequently. With that said, enjoy!

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