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I know, I know. It’s because of Princess Dominique Dishes Fashion that I’ve been slacking on the personal blog. If you love or even like fashion a little bit you’ll want to subscribe to it. I also wanted to share the sandals above. I snagged them in that cute purple leather and can’t wait to rock them with something silky and feminine this spring. I’d like to give myself two thumbs up for being thrifty. These are $100+ sandals that I snagged for $40 a pop! I love all of the colors, but I’m most smitten with the purple! You still have time to snag a pair here. Hopefully that makes up for my absence.



I’ve wanted to ask this questions for a long time. Does love rev up your fashion sense? I seriously want to know. I’m not talking about the 25% of the population who are flawless with Mac lashes and lip gloss engaged even if they’re just going to the slot to return a movie rental or grab a loaf of bread from the corner deli. I’m asking the 75% of us who love our jeans and tee days and even if we’re going shopping we don’t normally always look our ABSOLUTE cotillion best.


[kuhtil-yuhn, koh-] a formal ball given esp. for debutantes.

When you’re in love or are dating someone you are really truly crushing on does it rev up your wardrobe and make you want to get dolled up even on the days that you know you won’t see him? If so, what changes about your wardrobe, the color, the variety or nothing? As for me I can say yes, yes and oh definitely yes love changes things for me. The heels in my wardrobe do get higher, sexier and eventually I find a dress to match. My reward? How much my husband appreciates me in them.

michelle obama in hello kittya Hello Kitty dress for Michelle Obama

I wonder what Michelle’s vice is. When she was on Paula Dean’s show she talked about how she loved to eat, although you can’t tell and she’s passed that tricky age where your metabolism starts slowing down and weigh loss becomes a test of wills. It may be fashion. I know she adores her hometown girl Maria Pinto and I promised myself that when I’m on tour in Chicago I would stop through and check out the shop, but can’t help but ponder if she would wear Hello Kitty anything. I mean what if it’s Hello Kitty Couture? They’re having a 50% off sale right now. Here is a dress that is relatively cute depending on what kind of shoes you wear with it. If you look closely to the right side almost near the hem you’ll see a tiny portion of Hello Kitty’s face, whiskers and the bow. It works into the pattern well without being cartoonish. I wasn’t trying to suggest that the first lady go out there looking like she was going to a pajama party. What do you think?

Oh, as you can see, I updated the template to something “slightly” better but not exactly what I want. It will do for now.

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