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I discovered this pretty pink Hello Kitty Wallpaper online. I couldn’t wait to put it on my desktop. Now all I have to do is rid the desktop of all the clutter and files and images that I pull there when I’m surfing the net to get the full beauty of it. It’s not overwhelming or too frou frou. My husband said, “I guess I can forget using that laptop, it’s yours now.” Why do men back away from Hello Kitty? I mean, it’s not like it demands that you surf in pink and purr or cough up furballs. I told him we’ll share–and I absolutely mean it. Girl Scout’s honor!


michelle obama in hello kittya Hello Kitty dress for Michelle Obama

I wonder what Michelle’s vice is. When she was on Paula Dean’s show she talked about how she loved to eat, although you can’t tell and she’s passed that tricky age where your metabolism starts slowing down and weigh loss becomes a test of wills. It may be fashion. I know she adores her hometown girl Maria Pinto and I promised myself that when I’m on tour in Chicago I would stop through and check out the shop, but can’t help but ponder if she would wear Hello Kitty anything. I mean what if it’s Hello Kitty Couture? They’re having a 50% off sale right now. Here is a dress that is relatively cute depending on what kind of shoes you wear with it. If you look closely to the right side almost near the hem you’ll see a tiny portion of Hello Kitty’s face, whiskers and the bow. It works into the pattern well without being cartoonish. I wasn’t trying to suggest that the first lady go out there looking like she was going to a pajama party. What do you think?

Oh, as you can see, I updated the template to something “slightly” better but not exactly what I want. It will do for now.


Browsing someone else’s site who has a fascination with Hello Kitty I found these. They’re cute and instantly it made me think of my niece. She’s a busy little girl and I think this is something that would keep her entertained for a long time, in addition to teaching her the patience that it takes to complete a task. This project is perfect for that. It’s from Paperinside.com and it seems like they make cute paper cutouts that you can put together of just about anything. In 2009 I really want to show my creativity beyond just poetry and writing novels and non-fiction titles. When you log on to the site they should tell you exactly what you need to get started and complete the project. I love it. Got kids? Get this! Perfect for a cold Saturday like today.


Well, it’s 2009 folks! This year just whizzed by for me. I mean first I was getting married and then before you know it was my 1 year anniversary. I’m adjusting to the cold though, but then again it’s cold everywhere. I visited family for Thanksgiving and assumed that I would be blanketed with warmth in the south but that isn’t even the case anymore. You can’t even rely on places that were normally 70 and 80 degrees in November and December to be that warm anymore. That’s unfortunate. I mean, from hail, snow, constant rain and scattered days that are in the 60’s no wonder everybody is hacking and coughing everywhere you go. Global warming, rockets into outer space, who knows what’s causing it. No matter how high the temperature rises though I keep my coat on–it’s still winter. I don’t even sway with what the mercury says in the day time. Sadly everybody doesn’t do that. I made a promise to myself that this year I would get rid of things that didn’t belong in my life and I’ve already started doing that. It gives me the warm and fuzzies to know that everything in my life fits and is supposed to be there and that there isn’t some ugly boogey peeking out from under the bed at me. Speaking of warm and fuzzies check out the Hello Kitty blankie. Trust me, you’re never to old for a blankie. Get one for someone you want to keep warm in this inclement weather that as of late is so indecisive.


Don’t get the wrong impression. I’m not a crazed lunatic who has a house full of Hello Kitty. My girlfriend keeps talking about staging an intervention. I say, if you’re coming to stage anything bring cupcakes. Seriously, I believe I’m having more fun entertaining the thought than anything else. But realistically I don’t even own much Hello Kitty. The only thing I believe I have is a Hello Kitty Pez set and a few plastic Hello Kitty drinking cups that I got at a party store for next to nothing when I first moved and didn’t have anything to drink out of in the house. Do you have anything Hello Kitty? If not, what would you be willing to introduce to your sterile Hello Kitty free house?


I spent a considerable amount of time yesterday wondering and being completely boggled at how poor customer service and “have a blessed day” go together. But the events that took place forced my hand and made something happen that should have happened a long time ago–me get up off my duff and get a new web host for all of my sites. It’s my fault. I was dragging my feet, being comfortable, all the while knowing that I’m a stickler for exemplory customer service that doesn’t include dry one line emails and and an 800 number that may lead somewhere, but just hasn’t ever proved to me that it did in over 3 years. I don’t think people get that $1 or $500,000 just because I’m cool with you, I’m still a customer and I have the right to ask questions, as many as I want, when I want until I am clear and fully understand a situation, especially when it’s not my area of expertise irregardless of you having a bad day or not wanting to be bothered because it’s almost Christmas. I mean I’m not new to the old adage out with the old in with the new though. After all I’m the one who wrote 10 Tips to Turning Over a New Relationship Leaf in 2009. Tip number one, ironically enough is: Get rid of anything or anyone that isn’t adding to your spiritual, emotion or physical well being. Done. So, I said all of that to say that although I get slightly irritated by all of those Facebook applications (mainly because I’m not there for that just to be a little social) Stacy has no idea how cute it was to receive a Hello Kitty yesterday that I now display proudly on my Facebook page. You made my day chica! That’s what a blessing is supposed to be.


This is what started the whole Hello Kitty blog idea. I’ve been craving sushi lately. I don’t know what it is. My husband took me to this Brazilian restaurant a few weeks ago (more like almost a month ago) when he was upgrading my wedding band and I had sushi there and loved it. It wasn’t the uncooked fish kind, so I don’t know if “technically” it is even sushi per se but I love the sticky rice. It was with cooked shrimp and cooked crab and I loved that. And then I was also watching Chef Jeff and he was teaching them how to make sushi too and I’m thinking. Yeah. I’m going to make me some too. They got really creative too. And then when I signed up for ThisNext I discovered a Hello Kitty sushi set and I put it in my Birthday Girl’s Goodie Bag which is my Birthday Wish List that I will link and send with my eVite for my party on December 20th so that my friends don’t have to go crazy over what to get me. That was before I canceled the festivities at the Cheesecake Factory. Being born so close to Christmas isn’t the coolest move. I should have hid out in the womb for at least another month. Isn’t the Hello Kitty shaped sushi cute though, seriously. I lead a drama-free life so I get excited about Hello Kitty shaped sushi sue me. This got me thinking, I should just put all of my Hello Kitty blog posts in one single place. Voila!

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